Vodafone Australia gets ethical on prepaid rates

By Peter Chubb - Feb 27, 2013

Over the years we have seen that cell phone carriers did not want to listen to customer demands and went ahead with something, even if it meant upsetting them. This is just what Vodafone Australia faced when they announced that they were to start charging per megabyte instead of the preferred kilobyte of data usage. However, it seems as though the carrier has gotten ethical and are to charge per kilobyte rates on all prepaid options.

While this does not change the fact that users will no longer have unlimited data usage for services such as Facebook and YouTube, at least their usage will not be rounded to the nearest megabyte. This would have been costly because customers would have been paying per megabyte even if they had only used a few kilobytes.

This would have been a far bigger issue for those with an iPhone and use the iMessage service, but at least this is now a none-issue. It does seem as though Vodafone Australia listened to their customers following a recent survey conducted by 10,000 angry customers, but that’s not all because only some prepaid plans were going to switch to the new rates but now all their prepaid plans will make the change.

It’s reported that many other carriers should make similar changes because we all know how confusing data charges can be, although I still have unlimited data so I don’t have the worry or stress of a large bill each month. While we did say above that it shows that Vodafone Australia was listening to their customers, they should never have tried to bring such an unethical proposal out in the first place.

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  • Max

    I left this useless company (Vodaphone AKA Vodafail) after 12 years, poor customer service, call drop outs and lied to about contract details by phone sales people resulting in $1,000’s in excess data charges. They didn’t care they just wanted my money and used the contract to hold me down while they took it.

    I will never sign another contract with a telco, worst experience ever.

    I am now with amaysim they give me unlimited and at less than $40 per month. They don’t need to resort to contracts to keep me as a customer they simply provide me with a reliable phone service at a reasonable cost. Couldn’t think of a better company to deal with or anywhere else I’d rather be.

  • def

    was with them,glad i left.many more better,cheaper,value networks out there with better reception as well.some great virtual networks out there like,virgin,amaysim and lycamobile offering better pricing and as good,if not better,reception,value,price and service as the big 2 telcos

    • abc

      i agree