Skyrim PS3 DLC price for Dawnguard, Dragonborn and Hearthfire

By Alan Ng - Jan 21, 2013

Things are now looking a lot more positive for PS3 owners of Skyrim and in turn, Bethesda’s reputation as well. The developer has finally confirmed that PS3 users will be getting their Dawnguard fix, and also the two other outstanding expansions as well in Dragonborn and Hearthfire. We have the confirmed discounted prices to bring you now, as Bethesda has revealed that they will be half price during the first week of each respective release.

All three expansions are due out sometime in February, with Dragonborn first to arrive at the beginning of the month. Dawnguard and Hearthfire will then follow afterwards, but so far no solid release dates have been set. What we can confirm though is that prices will be 50% off for the first week of release only, so you don’t want to waste time deciding whether or not to buy them – they are all well worth the money.

As a reminder, Dragonborn usually costs $20 and was the price that Xbox 360 players had to pay as part of their exclusive release before any other platform. It now appears that PS3 users are getting a very good deal indeed as you’ll only need to pay $10 for it when it releases in February.

The same applies to Dawnguard as well, with Pete Hines confirming the prices in a recent Tweet. Hearthfire will be even cheaper as well and an absolute bargain at just $2.5 instead of $5. It means that even though PS3 users had to put up with the frustrating wait and silence from Bethesda, it looks like they are ultimately getting the best deal with three DLC expansions that should be bug free upon release after first appearing on Xbox 360 and PC.

Xbox 360 users won’t be happy about the fact that they paid full price, but there’s still the possibility that the next DLC pack, rumored to be called Redguard will still end up as an Xbox 360 exclusive. It’s funny that Bethesda are now taking a little heat from Xbox 360 users when it has been PS3 users complaining the most since the DLC problems began.

Will you be picking up Dawnguard, Dragonborn and Hearthfire for a combined price of $22.5 when they arrive on PS3? You can’t argue with that price, as Bethesda has been pretty fair on this occasion.

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  • Merp

    The Dragonborn dlc should be out now. But does anyone know how you can buy it from psn? I can’t find it 🙁

  • madrightnow

    i think that the dlc should be free

  • Cowill101

    It’s nice that Bethesda has gotten their act together, and though I would have rathered have seen the DLC’s released on time, the price cut is more than fair compensation for the wait. I hope this is the last time the PS3 will endure the procrastination from Bethesda.

  • tiredofwaiting

    Right, because Xbox users deserve an exclusive DLC. Until I see it in PSS, they practically have three.

  • casper13rocks

    if bethesda realy want to show a geuster of kindness as a apoligy to ps3 owners they should anounce a 30day exclusion period for ps3 as for discount on a upcomeing dlc so it should be disounted the first 2 dlc have been on sale 2 or 3 times on live and steam since release and as hearthfire is no more then a add-on pack it should be free

  • Skyrim…yeah…I think I vaguely remember a game called Skyrim…so they are releasing DLC for ancient games, now? That’s cool I guess…

  • Guest

    Skyrim…yeah I think I vaguely remember that game…

  • ChubbyBunny

    Sadly I will buy the Dawnguard DLC but its just sad that it took this long, and the fact that they reduced the price at all is a gesture of faith and remorse to the PS3 community. And though I do agree with most of the other comments posted The game is glitchy, the DLCs will be glitchy, but at least they are finally releasing the damn DLCs…

  • ninja

    But unfortunately as with all games we probable will still see some bugs….good to see a nice deal for it tho. We will just say bethesda is lucky to be part of the thieves guild…

    • Luke C

      Too true! lolz damn these riften thieves…. 😛

  • sxs

    half price for first week??? Is Dawnguard not 6 months late?? stick it bethesda….your company is a joke, w@nk*rs

  • Finally a “release date” ! Ive been waiting since July for this DLC and they better release all of them because if im gonna buy Dawnguard, Dragonborn and Hearthfire and at least 1 new DLC will be and XBOX exclusive im going to karate chop a car out of anger !

  • Point Zero

    Yes i will, but please hurry the f*ck up now :-S