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Samsung Galaxy S4 promised G90 camera case

Although CES is now over for another year, it doesn’t mean that there is still not a few gems popping up that were missed. One such product would be the G90 camera case, which was seen on display with and iPhone 5 hiding inside. However, we found it interesting how the company said that the Samsung Galaxy S4 G90 camera case was promised as well.

We can learn two things from the video below, the first is that the G90 camera case for certain smartphones will be released in June this year, and also the fact that it will be available for the S2, which means that Samsung should release their flagship smarphone before June.

If we were to look at last year then the S4 should be released in May, although it’s not known what countries will get the S4 in that month because the Galaxy S3 was not released in other countries until far later than may. However, Samsung now know how popular the Galaxy phone is and will aim to release it in most major countries in order to capitalize on its success.

Going back to the main story, we have written about traditional sports action cameras in the past, but the G90 adds a sports action camera to a smartphone with the use of a case. The G90 case is the perfect product for those of you who want to change their smartphone into an action camera, and it’s said that these camera cases will be able to rival and in some cases exceed that of traditional sports cameras currently on the market.



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