Real Batmobile sold at auction

The new Batmobile is certainly mean looking and leaves an impression on you when we have seen it drive about during Banman movie premiers. However, we don’t think the vehicle will be able to achieve the iconic status as the real and original Batmobile can from the TV series. The good news is you will soon be able to own a piece of this history, as the car is to go to auction.

Some experts believe that the real Batmobile based on a 1955 Lincoln Futura, which was built in 1968 could fetch as much as $5 million when it is auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson auction. What makes this vehicle so special is how futuristic it looked all those years ago with its rocket thruster at the rear and the bulletproof Plexiglas bubbles that kept Batman and Robin safe.

Some of you may say that $5 million is a lot to ask for such a car, but it’s reported that because it is one of a kind it is achievable. The real Batmobile is owned by George Barris who took possession of the car in 1968 and spent 15 days making the changes, with a total cost of $15,000 – not a bad return of investment if he achieves the $5 million figure.

We do hope that the car does reach its full value because Barris deserves this because he is one of the most iconic custom car builders. There are other famous cars at the auction as well, such as the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard and also Clark Gable Mercedes.

Update: The Batmobile achieved $4,620,000.



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