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NASCAR’s race schedule redefined with app voting in 2013

From today January 21, NASCAR fans will be able to help shape the race format, which could help to spice up the season, if it proves successful that is. How they can do this is to vote using the newly released NASCAR Mobile ’13 app for Android and iOS devices, but will the race schedule be redefined by using this app voting system?

Fans will now be able to choose how many pit stops a car can make, what sort of pit stops this will be and how many cars can be eliminated following the second segment of the race. However, we’re sure that a huge number of male fans will be voting for Miss Sprint Cup for Victory Lane and the outfit that will be worn.

Being an F1 fan it can get very tiresome to watch at times, however it is how the sport is very sterile in the way that fans never get to make a choice in something they are spending their hard earned money on. This is the very reason why NASCAR and Sprint officials wanted to make a few changes in order to bring the fans much closer to the sport, and there is no better way to do this than by allowing them to interact with the race.

As we said voting begins today and will end on February 13, and those who vote using the new apps will have far more value. Over the years NASCAR fans have embraced social media and share their thoughts far more than most other sports in the US, so allowing them to interact with the use of their mobile devices was the next logical step.

You can see all your NASCAR Mobile voting options here, as well as being able to download the app via the App Store or Google Play.



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