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Monster Hunter 4 PS Vita hopes dashed

While Nintendo 3DS owners may have a new Pokemon game to look forward to with the upcoming X and Y titles, the Monster Hunter series is seemingly part of the Nintendo family now and there’s going to be smiles all round when Monster Hunter 4 arrives on the handheld exclusively. That’s what the general belief is after seeing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate land on Wii U, but after a Monster Hunter 4 delay, speculation has begun that Capcom may have had a change of heart in relation to bringing Monster Hunter 4 to the PS Vita.

At the moment, Monster Hunter 4 is scheduled for the 3DS only and now has a revised release period of Summer 2013, for Japanese 3DS owners only first of all. A rumor highlighted by IGN just a few days ago claims that the real reason of the delay is to pave the way for a simultaneous release on Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita.

However, Capcom has moved quickly to end these rumors, with even Christian Svensson, the company’s Senior Vice-President inserting himself in a discussion thread on their website to politely distance themselves from a PS Vita release. When the IGN rumor was posted to Capcom’s website, Svensson had this to say in reply before closing the topic himself:

“I would not believe everything you read on the internet. It will set you up for disappointment or misdirected frustration.”

There’s no denying that a PS Vita version of Monster Hunter 4 would be a main attraction for Vita owners desperate for games, and it could be one of a select number of games that really has the ability to sell hardware for Sony. As you can see above though, the possibility of this ever coming to fruition seems very slim at the moment and it remains exclusive to Nintendo’s handheld for the foreseeable future.

What do you make of the lack of Monster Hunter on the PS Vita. Is it almost unthinkable seeing this franchise and also the Final Fantasy franchise missing on the Vita?



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