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FCC confirms Archos 101 Titanium Android tablet

A week and half ago we reported that Archos were to release a quartet of Android tablets, which were on show at CES 2013. However, the 7-inch version was MIA, but they were able to supply us with details. We can now tell you that the new Archos 101 Titanium Android tablet has been confirmed on the FCC website.

While it’s no surprise to see the device hit the FCC website, it’s good to know that the release of the Archos 101 Titanium Android tablet is now imminent because of its presence on the website. While the new 10.1-inch tablet from Archos is the largest from the four about to hit the market, it’s not the most expensive and does not have the best hardware when compared to other Android tablets.

The ARCHOS 97 Titanium HD is the better of the four new tablets because of its improved display, this model will sell for $249 while the 101 will cost just $199, which we have to say is pretty decent for a 10-inch Android 4.1 Jelly Bean tablet. Although, it will be lacking in the speed department when compared to some other Android tablets on the market.

Having said that, the 1.6GHz dual-core processor should be more than up to the task, but we have seen in the past that Archos devices always sound good in theory but never live up to expectations when released to the market. However, because the tablet will run stock Android we have no reason to doubt how well it will perform. Some consumers might wait for the release of the 9.7-inch version because of its improved display, but the Archos 101 Titanium display should not be that bad when you consider that it is comparable to the display on the Galaxy Note 10.1.



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