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Custom iPad mini case from Treegloo

There’s a huge choice of iPad mini cases on the market, but so many of them often look the same, which means you will not be able to express your individuality. However, the new custom iPad mini case from Treegloo could be just what you need thanks to its many design options from their Classic and Streamliner range.

Both iPad mini cases from Treegloo are designed to provide protection while not losing out on functionality; it’s a perfect marriage of technology and nature thanks to the wood finish. Access to the port, headphone jack, power, volume and mute are fully accessible and also features the same magnetic feature as Apple’s Smart Cover, allowing it to go to sleep or turn on when shut or opened.

Before you start to build your custom Treegloo iPad mini case you will need to select the iPad mini from the image at the top here and then click Design and Buy, and from there you will have a selection of options to choose from.

Your first option is the frame finish; there are 9 to choose from. Next is design your case by choosing the exterior color, there’s a choice of 10 here. The other three options are what kind of latch you want along with liner type and finally what color liner from a choice of 19. The price can be as low as $35, but can go up to $100 for those who want the best choices, although this is not as expensive as this aftermarket product for your iPad. You can even choose liner prints as well, although these are limited to maps of 8 cities.



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