Black Ops 2 Zombies Die Rise has new wonder weapons

By Alan Ng - Jan 21, 2013

Are you starting to get frustrated with the lack of Die Rise information for the upcoming Black Ops 2 zombie map? Treyarch will release the new map on January 29 as part of the new DLC pack called Revolution, but so far the only details we know about the new map is that it will be set in China. Treyarch has however dropped some hints on their website on some of the new features that players will be able to enjoy once Die Rise is out.

The biggest of these, is the confirmation that brand new wonder weapons are coming to Die Rise. If you have played TranZit zombies on Green Run, you’ll know that the jet gun, or the Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 is the newest addition to the wonder weapon family in Black Ops 2 and was unique in the sense that players had to first obtain parts for the weapon in order to use it.

If you head to the Call of Duty website here, you’ll be able to see some Die Rise artwork from the developer and a general description on what will be included. Aside from the confirmation of new wonder weapons, players will also be able to craft new buildable items, so it’s clear that they are now planning to stick to the TranZit layout for every single Black Ops 2 zombie map.

That is on top of the new Turned mode that is coming don’t forget, which will allow players to take on the role of the zombie for the very first time. We’re most excited about what wonder weapons will be coming though and if we will see a return of any of the older weapons from previous maps.

One of the past favorites has to be the wunderwaffe and it was one of the most useful wonder weapons to use, with its ability to take out up to 24 zombies at a time when upgraded with the pack-a-punch machine. The ray gun is surely going to be coming back with Die Rise, but we would like to see the wunderwaffe thrown in there as well, maybe as a special prize for completing the easter egg.

What are your thoughts on new wonder weapons in Die Rise? Would you like some old weapons to return as well, or should they keep bringing out new weapons each time?

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  • ice

    winters howl

  • bluetiger

    I want them to bring back the shrink gun from Shangri-La that gun was so cool my favorite wonder weapon for sure

  • nash

    u all lie

  • Gorman44

    Frank get your facts right !

  • Frank the Tank

    The wunderwaffe doesn’t take out 24 zombies. The max is 10 per shot. Get your facts straight.

    • Crash516

      It does upgraded. herp derp

      • Frank the Tank

        Not in Black Ops. Herp derp.

        • Goldensgods

          Does in w@w. Herp derp

    • Fozzzzzzy

      IN World at War it does when Pack-a-Punched

  • Colin Smith

    Nice, I’ve been searching relentlessly for Die Rise info. I got hyped up about the “alleged” info about the map with the tractor. This is the first post that actually linked to any official info. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of the Jet Gun. I’m all for new guns, but that’s not why I play Zombies. I’m more concerned about how they innovate the maps & have creative lengthy easter eggs. I really hope and one-hit horde killer comes back into play. I’d be satisfied with a Wave Gun, Thunder Gun, Scavenger, Fractalizer, Gersch Devices, or a Wunderwaffe. I also REALLY like traps, or things like the centrifuge in Ascension. When you go 40+ the waves take FOREVER, the only solution is an effective weapon or a great trap.

    Also, In the DLC trailer as the player is jumping down the platforms in the elevator shaft, you can see they are on wave 1 with $90K+. The only explanation for that is a bank system similar to TraZIt. Hopefully my money from the bank in TranZit TranZfers. lol