Radical iPhone 6 a reason to skip 5S name

By Peter Chubb - Feb 27, 2013

Apple will no doubt announce that they are to release a new iPhone this year, but what that device will be called is currently up in the air. If we are to look back over the past few years then the smart thing would be to say the iPhone 5S, but with how things currently look in the smartphone market, Apple could be forced to skip the minor update and go for something radical with the iPhone 6.

For years a new Android handset was released and promised to be an iPhone killer (as the iPhone was the phone to beat) but as always they never stood a chance. However, that all changed when Samsung released the Galaxy S3, because for the past several months the Android handset has been consistently beating the iPhone 5 in sales.

The main reason for this is because if we were to go back a few years the iPhone was a breath of fresh air to the cell phone market because it was innovative, but as each generation was released the Apple smartphone has begun to show its age. Okay, so I know that Android users have been saying this for a while now, but I’ve been an iPhone user since the start and I might be ready for a change if Apple doesn’t come up with a radical iPhone 6 this year instead of a minor 5S update.

When I took possession of my iPhone 5 this year I felt a little underwhelmed because while the screen was a little larger, it was still on the skinny side. There have been reports that Apple may want to rectify this and make the next iPhone screen even larger, but they will not do this on the 5S. A recent article suggests that Apple could be forced to skip the 5S so they can introduce the iPhone 6 with that larger display. However, it’s not just size becasue we would love to see a new design as the current one is a little dated now. I’d love a new iPhone that is not only larger but has some character instead of the current sterile look, which is one of the reasons why the younger consumer is choosing the likes of the Galaxy S3 instead because it does look pretty cool.

Will Apple skip the iPhone 5S for a radical iPhone 6? There’s one other possibility, Apple could release both the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6. The former could be the cheaper model we have been hearing about and the latter could be the premium version.

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  • Ron Refael

    They should make both the 5S and 6, and the 5S should be the cheaper one, while the 6 being the flagship phone. This would help them cover more ground by not only being in the high end game, but entering the mid end one as well. This could solve their fight against android by giving them more buyers who can’t afford the more expensive phone. (please note I’m not an isheep I respect both android and ios equally).