GTA V for iPhone with Caliber Advantage

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 19, 2013

It is not going to happen anytime soon but from a 3D gaming perspective Grand Theft Auto 5 on the iPhone 5 would be possible and is in demand by some mobile gamers, although a number of people point out that the control system and screen size on the iPhone 5 makes playing the current GTA III difficult. There’s a solution arriving this year that can make the control system better, and we could even see a bigger iPhone 5S / 6 release at some point in 2013 as well along with a cheaper model.

Meet the Caliber Advantage – those behind this iPhone gaming controller worked with game companies to create a product that will improve gaming on the iPhone. We have included an image below that shows what the Caliber Advantage controller looks like and you can see the device in action in the video below this article. This accessory had been showcased at CES this year and certainly creates more possibilities for iPhone gamers, although the screen size will remain a problem for some people when considering gaming on the iPhone.


GTA V for iPhone – this is a controversial topic that some gamers can’t stand the idea of and while it will happen eventually like the late arrival of GTA III, could we really see GTA V arrive on the iPhone in 2013? Even if the next Grand Theft Auto game did release on iPhone this year as well as the PS3 and Xbox 360, how successful could it be considering the feelings we have seen from certain gamers in the past?

If you owned an iPhone 5 with the Caliber Advantage, would you want GTA V to release on the iPhone this year? Also we’d love to hear from those gamers that have played the current GTA mobile offering, would you reconsider the game on smartphones with Caliber Advantage?

It is worth noting that a few mobile gamers explained that carrying the Caliber Advantage around with an iPhone might become tiresome. If you missed the recent GTA V artwork then you can see it in an earlier article, although you can look forward to the box cover arriving within the next 2 weeks, which is thanks to a promise made by Rockstar at the start of January.

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  • hem

    This article is botch.. scam and highly misleading.

    you should be shame of yourself of even writing this.

  • GTA IV isn’t even coming to iOS any time soon because it just wouldn’t be able to run like it does on consoles or PCs, let alone GTA V. Sure we will most likely *eventually* see both games come to mobile platforms but they’re both at least a few years off and definitely won’t happen this year. Hell, San Andreas probably won’t be out on iOS and Android until mid-late 2013, maybe even later…

  • matonking

    I have the galaxy note 2, so this isn’t an issue :).

    *looks down and shouts* “Hello down there” *to iphone users*

    That being said, all fps based games on mobiles are just awful in their control scheme

  • TONY360

    Just watched the video, great accessory for iPhone gaming although I agree the iPhone screen size needs to hit at least 4.5-inches and wider.

  • Ricky

    PC gamers will be unhappy if the iPhone gets GTA V before them.

    • matonking


    • Jamel Frazier

      Ithink there would be riots if that happened

  • Susan

    I do like my PS Vita, but for iPhone owners that want an accessory to improve gaming this looks amazing, and yes GTA V should arrive by the end of the year on iPhone as GTA 3 plays well and would be better with this controller.

    • Jamel Frazier

      You do realize it takes damn there nothing to run GTA III and Vice City right. If GTA V comes to anything mobile it’ll be PS Vita and even then it would be like a spin off like the stories and china town wars on psp.