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Explanations for iPad production decline

The start of 2013 is not going well for many of us including Apple because not only has their stock price fallen but so have sales of the iPhone 5 and if rumors are correct then the iPad as well, although not the iPad mini. The reason we say this is because news has come to light that production of the 9.7-inch iPad screen has been reduced, but before we start jumping to conclusion about the future of Apple’s larger tablet at least, we should consider that there could be other explanations for this decline in production.

Currently it’s just Sharp who reports that production of the 9.7-inch screen has seen a reduction, but some analysts have said that we should not read too much into that news report just yet. However, there is a likelihood that consumers needs have shifted more towards the iPad mini rather than the larger, more expensive model.

What could be the reasons for this decline in production, if the report is true? Apple could have ordered more than they needed before the Holiday Season, so are just scaling back production of those larger screens for a short period. Sales of the larger iPad have fallen because consumers are looking to rival devices. There could be some truth to this because Nexus 7 sales are more than that of the iPad in Japan, so we could be seeing a pattern emerge?

There’s a good chance that Apple is looking to move screen manufacturing to a different company, something that they seem to be trying with the iPhone as well. However, the most obvious reason would be that a new iPad could be about to release, and with rumors of an iPad 5th-generation being released in March, we wouldn’t be surprised if this is the true reason.



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