Testing Juice: Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 2

By Peter Chubb - Feb 27, 2013

When Samsung first released the Galaxy Note 2 we were promised that battery life would be far better than its predecessor, and for the most part they were right. Because the device is large and powerful battery is always going to be an issue, but for those who have yet to purchase one you might want to view the video below, which looks at how well the Galaxy Note 2 battery compares to the iPhone 5, S3 and other high-spec smartphones.

The test saw the Note 2 run a HD video for an hour and half at full brightness and notifications on. Well it’s no surprise that the Note 2 came out on top with the iPhone 5 coming in a disappointing fifth. However, if your are looking for a more in-depth battery review for the Galaxy Note 2, then a recent article has gone to great lengths in testing out the juice on this big smartphone.

The first test is talk time; the Note 2 achieved 16 hours and 57 minutes, whereas the iPhone 5 could only manage 8 hours and 42 minutes. Next is web browsing, that was 8 hours and 48 minutes in regards to 9 hours and 56 minutes for the iPhone 5, which is no surprise considering the difference in screen size. The final test was for video playback, the Note 2 achieved 11 hours and 27 minutes whereas the iPhone 5 managed 10 hours and 12 minutes.

After viewing these results I’m now starting to regret my decision to purchase the iPhone 5 last year and so is a contributor on Forbes because after running his own series of tests was left unimpressed with Apple’s latest smartphone. It’s clear to see that Apple has been going backwards when compared to the likes of Samsung, and surely the drop in shares is an indication of that?

Having read over a review where the guy had both handsets for week it is how he summed up the two devices, where the Note 2 gave him everything he needed and more, while on the other all that you gained with the iPhone 5 was “an additional row of icons.”

It’s clear to see that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 came out on top overall and with there now being more color options (in Korea for now) it’s going to be a simple choice for so many consumers out there. And if you thought that the Note 2 power could not get any better, then the second video below showing the Mugen Power Extended Battery in action is proof that it can, which might be needed considering the current issues with the battery following a recent update for the Note 2.

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  • lllbenjolll

    Apple saw this coming that’s why they sued samsung. Hehehehehe now a few apple fans might have wondered why apple sued samsung when apple was the best anyway… mmmm the curious apple fans then tried out samsung’s new devices, the s3 and then the note 2. Amazed and amused, some bought. Some just just didnt upgrade to iphone 5 and are still waiting for iphone 5s or iphone 6. Iphone 4 users might have upgraded to iphone 4s and a few to iphone 5 since their contracts have expired anyway. But those non apple fans, they researched and saw s3 or note 2 to be the best choice and bought either. Now samsung has sold more phones. 🙂



  • Galaxy Note 2 the best phone in earth

    • Stocklone

      Pretty much. Samsung is just knocking them out of the park right now. And people laughed at the original Note.