Sony PS4 faster than Xbox 720 from 2013 rumors

By Alan Ng - Jan 18, 2013

Rumors are continuing to come in thick and fast for the next-generation PS4 and ‘Xbox 720’ consoles from Sony and Microsoft. We have been discussing Blu-Ray and Skype features on the Xbox 720 this week, but now we have something which may be fantastic news for those looking to pick up Sony’s console, if confirmed to be true.

All eyes are on what hardware specifications will be on each respective console, and the console that comes out with the best specs out of the box will arguably be chosen at a preference for most consumers who will just want to buy the fastest console possible, regardless of brand loyalty.

If this mindset applies to you, then it looks like Sony may have the faster next-generation console than Microsoft. VG247 has published an article within the last few hours, claiming that the Sony PS4 has a “50% raw, computational power advantage over Xbox 720”.

This is due to their sources who have told them that the Sony PS4 will be equipped with a run speed of 1.84 teraflops, while Microsoft’s console is reportedly only set at 1.23 teraflops. As a result of this, they have also said that the PS4 will be significantly more powerful than the next Xbox.

But wait, there’s another twist as well. The Xbox 720 apparently has 8GB of RAM with 3GB reserved for the OS, while the PS4 is rumored to be equipped with 4GB only, with 1GB of that taken up for system resources. The teraflop advantage is thought to be a difference maker though, with Sony using the extra power to make up for any RAM disadvantages.

What is interesting is that NowGamer has published a completely different outlook, suggesting that it is actually the Xbox 720 that is more powerful and faster than the PS4. Which one is correct then? It’s a good idea to take this information with a pinch of salt as we wait for the official details to be confirmed closer to E3 2013.

Theoretically speaking, would you be surprised if the PS4 is 50% more faster than the Xbox 720?

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  • Mathew Cowdery

    This coming from a Sony fan, RAM > than CPU when it comes to most games. An accurate measure of a computer’s performance requires taking account both FLOPS and memory bandwidth together, AND the task(s) it is performing. Gaming tasks require lots of RAM for textures, huge maps, etc. I hope previous reports of the PS4 are true which say that the PS4 has 12 gb or RAM, because ask anybody that is involved in high profile game programming, RAM is the biggest technical challenge, not computational power. Heck just ask anybody who builds their own gaming PC whether they would buy a better CPU or more RAM. They’re going to choose RAM every time.

  • marhorn

    So they headline should be…..”We really dont know what will be more powerfull” (but we gonna side with sony anyways)
    I thought the ps3 was gonna be miles more powerfull than the Xbox 360? turns out that 99% of all games released are better on the 360!

  • Adam “NovaC0re” Persson

    I’ll be buying the Xbox anyway, i mean.. Halo <3

  • xp_killer

    hell yea ps4 all the way for me but they better dont forget cross game voice chat nd if possible all games can be downgraded to play via stream on the vita,and open remote play for sony android phones

  • Justajoe

    Doesn’t bother me either way because I still be buying the ps4 regardless

  • majed

    That won’t surprise me that much, as Sony always has been more powerful than Microsoft consoles

  • lol