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Whale is one of the most unique iPhone 5 cases

This has to be one of the strangest cases we have seen for the iPhone 5, which is themed as a Whale of all things. The iWhale iPhone 5 case certainly tops most of the strange cases we saw during CES this year and while it might look a little pointless, some of our readers would be a little surprised at how useful the iWhale could be for iPhone 5 owners.

While many iPhone owners may question whether this is the ideal case to carry around, we can understand that others may find this amusing and pointless for mobile use, but the tail makes a great stand for watching videos and the blow hole at the top is ideal for your earbuds. The 3.5-millimeter headphone jack is a useful option and the hollow hump of the case can be used as storage space for them, as well as USB cables.

Whale is one of the most unique iPhone 5 cases-3

On Leese they show other ways owners can use this case including the basic idea of hanging it by the tail for times when your hands are full, along with the option to use the tail as a handle to steady your picture taking opportunities. For $23.90 the iWhale comes in four colors blue, white, pink and black, so we are intrigued whether we’ll see many of these propped up on work desks in the future.



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