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Temple Run 2 available for iOS download

We have some fantastic news for those of you who are still addicted to Temple Run on iOS. A sequel has now become available to download on the App Store and thanks to the huge success of the first game, Temple Run 2 is now available on iOS as a free download for the time being. Rather than a re-skinned version of the first game, Temple Run 2 is a whole new affair featuring new powerups, animations and landscapes to travel through.

Despite the Temple Run formula being ancient now and copied numerous times by other similar apps looking to cash in, it’s still a game that provides a decent amount of entertainment when just wanting a quick game whilst away from home. Temple Run 2 may now get you addicted to the game once again, as there’s a lot of new features to keep you interested this time around.

Zip lines and mine cart levels are just two of the main new features in the game, while the way you move around areas has been altered as well to be more visually impressive. No longer are a group of monkeys chasing you, as they’ve called for backup and you’ll now find that a large angry gorilla wants your head.

There’s a load of new power-ups to enjoy including respawn points, most of which you’ll see in an official gameplay trailer below. You’ll be pleased to hear that some of the classic power-ups like the magnet and speed boost are back for the new adventure, while there’s also new objectives to complete and upgrades to buy once you have collected enough coins.

It’s nice to see that this is a free download, as they could have easily charged a small fee for it given the success of the last game – with most probably willing to pay. Find it now on the App Store and let us know what you think of the sequel. Is it better than the first Temple Run game?



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