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Nexus 7 outperforms iPad with price a driving factor

Since the iPad first launched it has been a dominant force in the newly formed tablet market, but things have changed in those few years because in Japan (for the moment) the Nexus 7 has outperformed Apple’s iPad. There are many key factors for this, but the Nexus 7 price being that much cheaper than their rival during the all-important Holiday Season has a lot to do with it.

Things were looking pretty good with the iPad range at the start of 2012 because it had a 50 percent market share of the tablet market in Japan, which then rose another 20 percent with the release of the 4th-generation iPad. However, following the debut of the Nexus 7 and then the key factor of a lower price is the reason why ASUS now has a 40 percent market share of the tablet market in Japan instead of the 10 it had before the device launched in September.

Things started to look up for Apple when they finally launched the iPad mini to compete with these smaller tablets, but according to a recent article the issues with stock worked in ASUS’s favor once again, as demand grew for the Nexus 7 in Japan.

While this news sounds promising for both Google and ASUS there are two key things to remember, the iPad mini did not release until November, so the Nexus 7 has a slight advantage, and how accurate are these sales figures? Having said that, there seems to be a trend that consumers are slowly turning their backs on Apple, this could be due to the cost of their devices compared to rivals or the fact that they do not seem to innovate like they once did?



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