Next-generation Ford F-150 to counter new GM pickups

Ford know that if they want to counter the attack that GM are soon to afflict on them with their range of new pickups showcased during the Detroit Auto Show, then they will need to deliver something very special. Thankfully the Atlas Concept could be it as this is expected to be what the next-generation Ford F-150 could look like, which is looking pretty likely to be the 2015 Ford F-150.

There are number of key design features that could help the Ford F-150 make that all-important step to be the ultimate pickup once again, and features such as that advancement with its tailgate step to allow for improved cargo options could prove very positive to the consumer.

Over the years the pickup was a symbol that Americans did not care about how much fuel these huge vehicles consumed, but all that has changed since car manufactures are now being forced to make these pickups more fuel-efficient because of the cost of gas and also the fact that there is far less disposable income. Ford’s solution is to not only improve engine technology but also improve aerodynamics in order to reduce drag, which we know is a huge factor in maintaining fuel-efficiency.

That’s not the only feature to help reduce drag; the front spoiler will also lower the faster you go, and in order to give you greater ground clearance for going off-road will raise up when driving at lower speeds. In a recent article it has been reported that the reason Ford need to make changes is because the GM RAM has been named 2013 North American Truck of the Year, and also the fact that General Motors has recently been showing off their new 2014 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra.

Will the F-150 ever get to the top again and if so what changes does Ford need to make in order to achieve this?



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