iRock: Charge an iPhone and iPad by rocking

We can honestly say we don’t know anyone with a rocking chair and find it hard to see friends and family wanting to use one, but then how about an environmentally friendly rocking chair named iRock? You can tell by the name that this product has something to do with Apple products, and in this case you can rock away while charging an iPad or iPhone.

You can see how the iPad 3 / 4 might look in the above photo, which would gain around 35% of a full charge after rocking for one hour. While it is great to hear that you can create juice for an iPad without paying for it, would you really want to rock away for an hour to gain a one third charge?

If you are a family with a baby in your home then we can understand the benefit, and rocking your child to sleep while using an iPad, or iPhone, and gain a charge at the same time seems like a good idea from this perspective.


Would you like an iRock rocking chair in your home? Another image can be seen above that shows the pulley system that helps create the charge, although we would love to hear your thoughts on the iRock in the comments. The guide price is $1,300 and the official website can be seen at with further information. What other pieces of furniture or products would you like to see generate a charge for electronics?

It is worth noting there is no iRock for Android at this time. The finished product measures 1200mm x 1150mm and weighs 18 kg.



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