HMV UK administration gets real as online ordering stops

Since the news broke that HMV were in trouble and were awaiting the appointment of administrators there had been a blue cross sale in brick and mortar stores as well as online. However, now that they have been appointed we can now see that the HMV UK administration has got real becasue online ordering has now stopped.

The HMV online store was up and running yesterday so this change must have only happened this morning, which is a huge blow for the well-known brand, although we’re not that surprised. CVG has learned that future pre-orders are not available along with being able to redeem vouchers, as we explained yesterday.

While the future seems to look pretty bleak for HMV because there is a risk that 4,500 staff could lose their jobs, there has been some early interest according to the administrator, although they have declined to say from whom. The current blue cross sale will also continue, which is certain to generate enough revenue to keep the wolf from the door – for now anyway.

Many HMV customers believe that the company has ripped them off for years and that the appointment of administrators is no real surprise. However, there is still a future for the company but maybe for the online store instead of the high street stores, although there is the fear that after Deloitte’s unreasonable charges there will be nothing left of HMV to salvage.



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