Google Glass events to aid development

Last April Google announced to the tech world that they were working on a new project called Google Glass, and in that time we have seen a number of developments, but it still seems that we are so far away from the device getting a public release. However, we are now one step closer as there are to be two events where developers will get their hands on them.

It’s reported that at the end of the month Google will hold two events called Glass Foundry in New York and San Francisco where developers will get to spend two days with the gadget to look at different ways in which they can help develop the glasses.

On the first day of each event devs will get an introduction to the product with the second day looking at the Mirror API aspect of the project. Google engineers will be on hand to answer any questions the developers may have, and we assume that the engineers could also learn a thing or two about what the developers feel would help benefit the project.

However, it’s at the end of the second day that excites us the most because the developers will be able to show Google what they have come up with so far. Let’s hope that there are a few suggestions in regards to overall design, because they seem a little obvious at the moment. However, they are less conspicuous than the Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses seen at CES 2013.



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