Blockbuster UK enters administration

If you thought losing Comet, Jessop’s and more than likely HMV was the end of the terrible news for the retail industry in the UK, then we’re afraid that you would be wrong. We say this because news has just broke that Blockbuster UK has just entered administration, which means that more than 4,190 people could lose their jobs.

Blockbuster currently has 528 stores in the UK and Deloitte, the administrator dealing with HMV, has also been appointed to manage the collapse of the DVD retail chain. We’re not surprised by this news because we don’t know many people who still go to a store to rent movies because there is more demand for streaming movies these days.

Like HMV, Blockbuster is learning the hard way that how people purchase and view their content has changed over the years and has not been able to cope with that change as well as other companies. It’s hard to know if there is still a future for the two companies, although we have learned that there is some interest in the purchase of HMV, although there is no conclusive proof of this yet.

For now those with Blockbuster gift cards will be pleased to know that these are still being horned, unlike HMV then. The UK high street will never be the same again as we are losing some big players, we just wonder who’s next?



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