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World’s first 4K TV channel now live in Europe

The next big leap in TV technology is 4K, and while it may seem like a long time since this was first announced, we’re only now starting to see these Ultra HD TV sets hit the market. However, there are two concerns, the first is by the time these televisions are at a more affordable level then 8K will be released, and secondly there is a lack of 4K content.

Samsung said during their CES 2013 press event that if they build it then the content will come, and news that the world’s first 4K TV channel now going live in Europe is proof of just that. For now the only TV channel content to be able to take advantage of this new format is from the French-based satellite provider Eutelsat.

We hope that this will start the snowball effect and that more TV channels offering 4K content will follow because it’s clear to see that brands like Samsung, LG and Toshiba have all invested heavily in 4K technology and are desperate for more content than is currently available.

However, we shouldn’t get too excited just yet because we’re told that the world’s first 4K TV channel is just to show what is to come from Eutelsat, so will be showing a series of demo reels and no actual programs. Let’s not get too depressed about this because the satellite provider shows that they are preparing for a full on 4K TV channel, although one would presume that they will want to wait until enough of their customers actually have a 4K TV set in order to take advantage of this Ultra HD content.



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