Sony PS4 and Xbox 720 priced from CES 2013 intel

By Alan Ng - Jan 15, 2013

We have some more next-gen rumors to share with you now and this time we have seen the potential price point of the upcoming Sony PS4 and Xbox ‘720’ discussed before possible reveals during E3 2013 later this year in June. Nintendo released their Wii U console with a price of $299.99 in the US for the basic version back in November 2011 and many gamers are hoping that next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft are similarly priced, although perhaps expecting prices to be a little higher.

We have come a long way from the days when the original fat PS3 was announced with a whopping $599 price tag for the premium model. It’s safe to say that Sony will not be following the same pattern with PS4, as they would face an inevitable backlash from consumers if their next PlayStation home console was double the price of Nintendo’s Wii U system.

A price in between both the Wii U and the original price of the 60GB launch PS3 would be more suitable, and the same can probably be said for Microsoft’s next Xbox console as well. The Xbox 360 was announced one year earlier than the PS3 in 2005 and at a cheaper $399 price as well. $400 seems to be the mark which is likely to be close to what next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft will be priced at, and this week we have some information from analysts to back up these theories.

Baird Equity research group has gone on record to predict that the Sony PS4 and next Xbox will be both be priced at $400 or around that mark. Their sources have apparently come from whispers gathered at CES 2013 and they have also said that both consoles will be announced before‘ E3 in June, which echoes what Sony exec Hirohsi Sakamoto also hinted at earlier on this week.

If the price for the PS4 and Xbox 720 really turns out to be $400, then we would have to say that it’s a fairly reasonable outcome. Launch buyers of the original PS3 should be very satisfied with a cheaper price for the next-generation console, while Xbox 360 launch buyers will just be paying the same money again.

It’s almost certain that both consoles will be priced higher than the Nintendo Wii U, so would you be happy paying $400 for either console?

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  • sonyboyj

    i hope its around $400 plus the ps3 will live for yr or 2 after ps4 launch so i have time to save plus im probably gonna wait for a ps4 slim

  • mastersmith

    Lower price only means lower quality, or less features. Look at current gen consoles. The XBOX 360 at $400 with a 25% fail rate or better, Original PS3 $600 Less than 1% fail rate. New PS3s $300 low fail rate, low features. No reverse compatibility, no Linux (Another Story). I know that to some reverse compatibility is meaningless. But I own over 100 PS2 games and now over 50 PS3 games. Reverse compatibility is big to me. I even still have 20+ PS1 games. And yes I play some of them still. Bringing PS1 and PS2 classics to the PSN was great but I dont want to have to pay for a game again. I guess it just another trade off though. Spend less for the console and re-buy some games or spend more and play the ones you already have.