HMV customers await process for voucher holders

We entered 2013 knowing that the high street would not be the same without Comet and just a couple of weeks into the New year Jessop’s had also collapsed. However, the biggest blow would have to be HMV going into administration because like Woolworths, it was more of an institution because of how long the store had been trading for.

It’s still not certain what will happen with HMV stores just yet, but for now customers in possession of store voucher have been told that they are no longer valid. That’s not all; stores are no longer accepting returned goods, although if they are faulty then you will be able to take those goods back to the store.

Because HMV is now in the hands of the administrators we will have to await what they will decide to do in regards to the process for voucher holders. However, if they look and find that the business is still healthy then customers could still be able to redeem those vouchers – so don’t go throwing them away just yet.

If the administrators are able to find a buyer then some of the stores could be saved, but it’s pretty obvious that not all stores will be saved. We know it’s horrible to think that you have vouchers that you are unable to spend, but just spare a thought for the 4,500 workers whose jobs are at risk.

Stores are still trading at this time and on the HMV website there is a blue cross sale going on, although there’s just 25 percent off at the moment. The Guardian has a Q&A in regards to the HMV saga, which should offer you all the answers you need until more is known.



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