DmC Devil May Cry live stream provides decisive gameplay

DmC: Devil May Cry is finally available to buy this week and in a previous article, we informed you about all of the positive review scores that Ninja Theory’s reboot was getting. Dante now appears to be back in public favor for positive reasons and if you needed one last push to tempt you into a purchase on console this week, we now have over one hour of uninterrupted gameplay footage for you to enjoy.

You only need to have a quick look on Metacritic to see how well the game is already performing, with an impressive 86 critic score and countless other positive user reviews likely to come later on, when the game is picked up by fans later today. The game is available on Xbox 360 and PS3 only this week, with a PC version to follow 10 days later before the end of January – at least there is no sizeable gap this time around.

We now have some gameplay for you to check out, courtesy of VG247 which provides all you need to know about the game before deciding whether to pick it up. The live stream starts midway into the game at mission 4 and you’ll immediately be introduced to the action as the demonic cameras identify Dante and start bringing more bad guys for him to kill.

You’ll see plenty of mid-air combos on offer and if you keep watching, you’ll also get a detailed look at how the upgrade system will work when visiting divinity statues located in the game. You can upgrade all of Dante’s weapons such as his Ebony and Ivory guns, or upgrade his core skills as well – the preview video inside the upgrade section is a nice touch.

Take a look at the live stream gameplay below for yourself and let us know if you have now changed your mind about the game. Do you think the reboot is even better than the old Devil Cry Games?



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