Sony PS4 reveal in May gains exec support

We have some juicy information on the ongoing Sony PS4 rumors to share with you now, as it looks like one high-level Sony exec may have revealed a little more about the PS4 than what was expected. It seems inevitable that we will see the next-generation PlayStation console unveiled in 2013, but now it is looking very likely that Sony will unveil it at E3 2013 in June, or even before that event with a special presentation in May.

Hiroshi Sakamoto is Sony’s Home Entertainment vice president and he recently spoke in an interview at this year’s CES event in Las Vegas. When pressed directly on the status of the Sony PS4, Sakamoto recently said that it is ‘still a big secret’ and that the company are focused on the next big gaming event, which will be E3 2013 in June.

However, he also chose to say that an announcement could happen at E3, or it ‘could happen before then in May’ – hinting that the announcement will be a ‘major one’ if a separate event does happen in May. We have heard rumors in the past about Sony and also Microsoft deciding to hold separate events for their next-generation console reveals, so could Sony now be first up to the table instead with the PS4?

Microsoft announced the Xbox 360 a full year before the PS3 was introduced don’t forget, so it will be interesting to see if Sony are planning to eliminate any chance of a repeat with the Sony PS4 being announced before a possible Xbox 720. Either way, it is leading up to a very exciting couple of months indeed and you can just sense the feeling that next-gen consoles are just around the corner.

Nintendo has had a few months all to themselves with the Wii U, but is the world now ready to see a Sony PS4 and Xbox 720 console? It appears that even Sony execs like Mr Sakamoto above cannot even contain their excitement.



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