Samsung Octa over-the-top for Galaxy Note 3

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 14, 2013

Moments after Samsung had announced the new 8-core processor during CES we suggested the idea of the Galaxy S4 including this multi-processing power, and while the next flagship smartphone is an obvious choice it would of course depend on how quick the Octa chip can be readied for the next-generation of smartphones. This 8-core chip would also be perfect for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the claimed benefits might offer more balanced battery life, but it seems that not all Note users feel the same way about increasing the processing power to this level so soon.

Samsung Octa over-the-top for Galaxy Note 3 and S4 – we have noticed a number of people are not enthusiastic about the Octa 8-core chip and state they are “not too bothered” how many cores land in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, or S4, and feel that the handset just needs to follow the same successful design but make a few changes like real wireless charging built-in. There are still those that see the 16GB storage as the major issue with the Galaxy Note 2, so having 32GB, 64GB, and even 128GB options with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 seems like a top priority for these users.

Other people make it much more clearer about the need for 8 cores in their opinion and state, “8 cores for a mobile platform is pure marketing“. We have seen a few comments in forums and on PR, which show user concern for real-world power from the 8-core chip. Several Android users feel that the new 8-core Octa “wouldn’t benchmark much higher than a quad core for computing and gaming“. Others state, “8 cores is crazy for mobile computing at this time“, and that “Android is barely multithreaded, apps even less“.

These comments are obviously users venting their frustration over the lack of other features wanted with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and S4, like better storage next-generation, better battery life, and other features we’re sure you might like to mention in the comments.

Support for 8 cores – those that support the idea of an 8-core Octa chip being installed in the Galaxy Note 3 would like to see the benchmarks later on, especially in comparison to the NVIDIA Tegra 4, and believe technology from Intel and TSMC is miles ahead. One commenter had this to say, “In terms of process technology…Intel has an estimated two year lead over Samsung in process technology. Their chips will be significantly less power-hungry than the Samsung Octa“. This points out an important point, which is the balance of power and battery life in the upcoming Samsung smartphones.

Bottom-line: we need to wait and see the benchmarks in terms of processors, which will show if the Octa is in a league of its own or just more hype than anything else. Samsung need to get other Galaxy Note 3 and S4 features right as well, which some people feel are more important than 8 cores.

Do you think that all this processing power is just taking things over-the-top, and would you rather some other more crucial improvements like battery life? There will also be plenty of people wanting to purchase the current Note but are holding off to see when the Galaxy Note 3 release date will be. Others want the display to be pocketable and making it larger would make this harder, although the Youm flexible screen on display at CES might be a solution that is not for everyone.

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  • Danny Dodge

    If the s4 gets this Samsung can take my money. They can take my mother.

    • Danny Dodge

      Hell, for 8 cores, 4gb ram, 1080p res and 64gb + ext SD, they can have my soul and my testicles.

  • mrstruegemini

    Fix the program back where you can add apps to the SD card without rooting first. Fix the battery power and if you want to copy a concept from Apple the next time focus on the App store and their amazing display/resolution because that’s there only advantage right now . I just wasted $300 on the Note 2 for the sole purpose of moving appd and anything else to a 64 GB storage card to discover I cant. I will be returningit today and going back to my iPhone 4S cause I dont want the iPhone 5 either. 4 yrs of Apple has been more than enough