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Samsung GALAXY S sales figures pass 100m

The Apple iPhone has sold well over 250 million units since June 2007 and today we have heard from Samsung in relation to their total units sold for the GALAXY S III, S II, and original S model. Samsung mentioned in a press statement that the three generations moved past 100 million unit sales yesterday.

This is an amazing achievement considering it has been reached within 3 years, which started with the GALAXY S going on sale in June 2010 and totaling over 24 million sales. Samsung’s GALAXY S II increased on this success with more than 40 million units shipping.

Samsung’s most successful smartphone to date is the GALAXY S III, which has sold more than 40 million units at the time of writing. It will be interesting to see what can be achieved with the GALAXY S IV that is expected to release around May this year, and if this handset could top the S III sales considering a rapidly changing marketplace and move towards popularity with phablets.

It is worth noting that the average daily sales for the GALAXY S III are just fewer than 200,000 units. Some people will be wondering if Samsung GALAXY S smartphones could one day pass the iPhone in total sales, even with a late start?

The above image is thanks to Samsung.



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