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Nexus 7 dock release date imminent in US, UK

Before CES 2013 got underway there was speculation that the Nexus 7 would be released on January 10th, but as that date has come and gone we now know this to be untrue. However, there is recent news to suggest that the Nexus 7 dock release date is imminent in both the US and the UK, well in little over a week. Although there is a strong chance that it could be available in just two days.

We do hope that the news is on the money this time because we have been promised the dock from Asus for months now and still nothing, although because the pricing has also been released we do have a good feeling about it this time. The Nexus 7 dock price will be $39.99 in the US and £24.99 in the UK, which we are sure will gain a reaction because this does seem a little expensive for a lump of plastic.

It’s annoying that we are still talking about the release of the dock seeing as though the Nexus 7 is now 6 months old, and while we know that some readers will think it is silly to go on about a simple dock, they have to remember just how much Nexus 7 owners want and need this product. There is also the fact that because this is one of the hottest Android tablets on the market the impending release of this accessory is pretty hot news don’t you think?

What does make us laugh is the fact that there are already other docks for the Nexus 7 from third-party accessory makers, and even sell at cheaper prices than the official Asus dock will. Let’s hope that we get official pricing and release details from Asus soon, the moment we know for certain we will inform you.



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