Black Ops 2 Zombies Nuketown on PS3, PC imminent

We finally have some good news for PC and PS3 owners who have been waiting a long time for the infamous Nuketown Zombies map to appear. Previously, it was only available via a Black Ops 2 pre-order but Activision soon changed things when they announced that the map would be a offered as a bonus item for all Season Pass buyers. Xbox 360 owners still received the map first though last year due to the exclusivity deal, but it is now ready for release on other platforms this week.

If you have, for some reason, purchased a Season Pass on the PS3 and PC versions of Black Ops 2, you’ll be able to download the Nuketown Zombies map at no extra cost this Thursday on January 17. As most of you will be aware, the map is a zombie version of the hugely popular multiplayer map and if you have managed to play the Xbox 360 version, you’ll know that there are all kinds of secrets to find inside the map that Treyarch has hidden.

One of them is a secret song that Treyarch has again put into the game. It’s become a traditional secret in many zombie maps to date and as usual, you’ll have to find and locate three Teddy Bears that are scattered throughout the map – it’s not a difficult task to achieve though.

While PS3 and PC owners are only just getting to play Nuketown Zombies this week, Xbox 360 players will soon be able to get their hands on Die Rise – which has now confirmed to be coming out at the end of January as part of the first DLC map pack for the game, called Revolution.

Expect another grueling wait for one month before PS3 and PC owners get the chance to play Die Rise. If you have played Nuketown Zombies already, let us know what secrets you have managed to find – is the map really worth having or not?



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