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ASUS MeMo Pad limitations compared to Nexus 7

While there were a huge number of tablets being shown during CES last week, ASUS did not have many on show. However, they have rectified this by announcing the ASUS MeMo Pad, which is a 7-inch tablet running on Android Jelly Bean. As you would expect this is a cheaper device than the Nexus 7, which ASUS produce, but the stock Android device still has far more to offer, although you will have to pay at least $80 more for the privilege.

The MeMo Pad comes with a 1024 x 600 resolution 7-inch display and a less than impressive Mali 400 GPU and 1-megapixel main camera. There’s also 1GB of RAM and 1GHz VIA WM8950 CPU, which is far off the Nexus 7 specs. The pre-installed apps is certain to be a huge negative for the MeMo Pad and some consumers would much rather spend the extra money on the Nexus 7.

However, many of you will not have the extra cash and for those who just wish to check their emails, read eBooks and also surf the Internet, then the MeMo Pad certainly ticks those boxes. This new tablet is also a great alternative to the Kindle Fire HD, which many consumers have said has limited features and after using one for a while we would have to agree.

Okay, so we know when you take into consideration that the Nexus 7 has far better hardware and also pre-installed apps and money is not an issue, then you should give the ASUS MeMo Pad a miss. However, you could wait for the iPad mini 2nd-gen with its rumored retina display if you are worried about features.

We’re told
that the price of the ASUS MeMo Pad is to be $150 when released sometime this month and it will share one thing in common with the Nexus 7, and that will be issues with accessories. The reason we say this is because the Nexus 7 still lacks in the accessories department and the MeMo Pad will not be getting a keyboard dock, which many tablet users desire so much.



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