Black Ops 2 spawn system issues join PS3 freezing

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 13, 2013

We all have a favorite map in Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and one of ours has to be Hijacked, although this map also has to be one of the worst for spawn system problems. Since the games release we have heard from a number of our readers in regard to the Black Ops 2 spawn system being broken, and while we knew it had been bad at points it hadn’t been enough for us to publish an article on. This all changed this week once we got hands-on again in preparation for the new Revolution DLC.

If you are a Black Ops 2 player then you would know that Hijacked is set on a boat and has to be one of the maps that best shows how bad the spawn system is, which is even more clear when you spot other gamers finding horrible ways to perform spawn trapping. We have featured a video below this article that showcases spawn trapping in Black Ops 2 on Hijacked, and while this is only going to make people hate gamers that do this, it is good to highlight this problem in the hope that it gets fixed.

There’s nothing worse than finding other gamers spawning just behind you on Hijacked, or any map, so we would love to hear your thoughts on this and spawn problems you’ve experienced in Black Ops 2? Are you happy with the spawn system in this version of Call of Duty?

Black Ops 2 freezing a problem still for some on PS3 – you only need to look at our article from last month, which revealed a number of gamers are still experiencing problems with their PS3 crashing and freezing while playing Black Ops 2. This isn’t an issue all PS3 players are complaining about, but the developers have acknowledged it and are trying to fix with patch 1.05.

Some PS3 gamers claim they found a way to fix the freezing on the PS3 version of Black Ops 2, which involves uninstalling the texture pack although we are sure this would be something most PS3 owners would prefer to avoid. It might be worth holding out for the next patch before thinking about uninstalling the texture pack.

Are you happy with the way Black Ops 2 performs for you in multiplayer and zombies mode, and if not what would you like to see fixed in the next update?

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  • KDox420

    Everybody’s laggy my internet is just fine I have checked it thousands of times. losing connection to the host losing your party this game is nothing but problems in aggravation. this is the only game I have problems with online

  • ya_motha

    black ops 2 killed my original 60gb ps3 (ylod). I thought it was just dust issues and the oldness of the system but it after reading up on black ops2 and buying a new ps3 that still freezes I realize now that it was Acitivision’s fault. (I had to completely break the old ps3 to get my black ops 2 disc out of it) I’m wondering if new ps3s have warranties and if so how long they last and will they cover black ops 2 killing my new ps3. Everyone who has had this issue needs to file a complaint to the better business bureau. These guys are reckless greedy crooks that deserve to be pilloried.

  • cripper

    The crashing issue – I sent a mail to 24 players on my friend list. Out of those 24 66% of them said they get regular system lockups from playing zombies. If FAILARCH OR CACKTIVISION think I am spending a penny on their DLC when the game is a BROKEN MESS they have another thing coming. 16 different people with various versions of the ps3 hardware with various ISPs in various parts of the world, so it is NOT a problem specific to my setup. JOKE

  • Prophetless

    I haven’t had any freezing/locking up issues on the PS3 since the last patch.

    The spawn system is definitely broken and not just bad at times on Hijacked. I don’t play Aftermath anymore. The way that map was made is awkward to me and the spawn system makes it even worse. Aftermath is the biggest map on the disc and people from the enemy team will spawn behind me or near me a few seconds after I’ve spawned and moved. It’s ridiculous. Other maps have spawn issues to. That David guy with Treyarch said they “improved” the spawning in that one patch. I call BS.

    I’m also having lag compensation problems that were never fixed since day 1. I filed a report with Treyarch not long after the game came out and was told that a problem was found and it would be fixed. Nothing was really done. Killing people got a little better but it’s still a problem. I have 5 upload and 50 download speeds using ethernet cable. Obviously not my connection when I precisely shoot the hell out of somebody and they have the worst shot possible killing me in less bullets.

    Terrible lag has hit the PS3 version. I’ve noticed this since Christmas and nothing has been done about it. I have 5 upload and 50 download speeds using ethernet cable and should be no lower than 4 bars every match.

    The host chooser thing is awful. I’m faster than 87% of the USA and hardly ever get host. If I ever get host it’ll be from host migrations. People with garbage connections will get host before I do and this needs to change.

  • Being a billion dollar game I’m not happy with how things are, Treyarch should take the time to address these issues. Spawns have always been a problem but seriously since COD4 you can’t find anyway to fix this.