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New compose mail feature in Gmail, a few months on

At the end of October last year we saw Google introduce a new compose mail feature in Gmail, which we found more productive and made working in Gmail a lot more efficient. In that introduction just over 2 months ago, Google listed the main improvements that included a faster UI for referencing other emails, performing searches while writing, and enjoying some of the benefits seen with chats. It is true Gmail’s new compose feature has benefits, but it also includes a few downsides.

Our favorite change is the way you can draft in the new Gmail, which allows you to minimize drafts when working on them over time, or if something comes up and you cannot continue right now but want the drafts ready. You can also work with multiple drafts with the new compose mail within Gmail, which allows you to copy text from one email to another and also work between a number of discussions. This is just like a lot of people would do with different chats and again shows how email has become more like chats, rather than the old mail we have all used over the years.

As we noted above, some people won’t like all the changes and this includes email favorites like BCC and CC fields being harder to access in the new Gmail. Some of our readers have also commented on the fact that the clean UI brings new problems, like finding certain tools harder to reach. Simple tasks such as changing a font are not so easy, although it is true that these changes aimed to hide all the extra features. Gmail users can now focus on the more important stuff when writing an email.

We would love to hear your experience with the new compose mail feature in Gmail, and how you’ve found the improvements since using it? What are your pros and cons?



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