Drive thru invisible driver prank hits 15m views

We all love to play a joke every now and then but this is normally saved for April fools, although one guy has been featured on YouTube this week thanks to reaching over 15 million views. The video is titled Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank and currently has 15,640,315 views with more than 125,000 likes. We doubt this person is the first to think about doing this, but he’s the first to do it and upload to YouTube with more than 15m views.

It is not hard to imagine what the video shows, the title gives it away, but basically the guy has made a costume that looks like a cars driver seat. He then takes the car through a “drive thru”, and the viewers get to see reactions to what seems like a car driving on its own. Pure genius.

Our favorite part is when one of the staff shouts “Instagram
“, which in itself could become another viral hit via Instagram. Have you seen the drive thru invisible driver prank video, and if so what’s your favorite reaction? If you somehow missed this video that went viral this week, then take a look below.

Have you ever tried to make a prank video and upload it to YouTube? We’d also love to hear your ideas for a prank that you think could see success on YouTube. Share your thoughts in the comments.



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