Windows Messenger diverts users to Skype in March

By Peter Chubb - Feb 27, 2013

Windows Messenger had been the service of choice when speaking to friends on their computers but we knew that its days were numbered because of better social services, which is why Microsoft made the decision towards the end of last year to end the service. The date Windows Messenger will be switched off is March 15, 2013 and users are being diverted to Skype instead.

Those with Windows Live IDs will be unaffected by this and Windows Messenger will still be available in China, although the service will run under license. Although March 15th will be a sad day, it’s not like users don’t have better options available to them, such as the preferred Skype with instant message and video chat options.

The decision to end the service is no real surprise since Microsoft purchased Skype for £5.2 billion back in May 2011, so forcing the two to meet was the only way forward. According to a report Windows Messenger has been about since 1999 and by 2010 there were more than 100 million users, which just shows how popular the chat service was.

For those who wish to make the move now, Microsoft has included an upgrade button on desktop messenger, once selected the chat software will be uninstalled and Skype will take its place. However, you can still use the Messenger service as normal up until the 15th of March. Microsoft will want their users to make the move way before the deadline as they fear that if they do not divert to Skype before the service closes they could lose those users altogether.

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  • Danny Dodge

    My msn account used to literally have over a hundred contacts online during peak hours (had to block so many people out of too many messages constantly) and now every so often one person may pop up lol everyone is on FaceBook, a few are on Skype and a few on gtalk. IMO and ebuddy no longer allow my MSN Messenger to log in at all.
    The death of MSN Messenger can only be a food thing because it will make Skype a stronger service. The good thing about Skype is that you don’t get all kinds of random people adding you, you know everyone in your contacts. I didn’t know half of my old MSN Messenger contacts.
    MSN Messenger’s call and camera service was pretty decent and had the voice clip ability that I don’t think is present in Skype so I hope they merge that in.