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Skyrim Super Mario mod 1.1 joy for PC users

If you are currently a little bored of Skyrim at the moment on PC with the wait for official DLC expansions Dragonborn and possibly Redguard after it, we may have something for you to try out in the meantime. The mod world is always open to PC players and allows for experiences that are not possible on console. One of these is the crazy Super Skyrim Bros mod on PC and it has just been updated to version 1.1 adding all new features and weapons for you to try out.

As far as crazy mods go, this is probably up there with the Macho man Randy Savage one. Unlike that mod though, this one actually looks like a lot of fun and has real potential for alternative gameplay, if you fancy taking a break from the usual goings on in the normal game.

Super Skyrim Bros has been designed by modder Clintmich and after first going live around the Summer period last year, the mod has been given a sizeable update to version 1.1, which you’ll be able to see in the teaser trailer below. New weapons are promised, you can now pick up coins simply by walking through them instead of pressing ‘e’ before, and the big inclusion is that Waluigi has been added to the game.

There’s also some new bosses to contend with like the goomba king, while there’s even some warp zones thrown in there as well paying homage to the original Super Mario Bros games on the likes of the NES and SNES. The level of detail that Clintmich has got to really has to be appreciated here and although it may look a bit silly, there’s no denying that it’s a great mod available as a free download.

Get it here from Nexusmods if you’re interested. Let us know if this is one of the best Skyrim mods you’ve seen so far, or if you have played something even more crazier.



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