Thunderbolt cable given price cut

Back in 2011 Apple released a new connection type called the Thunderbolt, which meant that those who purchased a new device with this faster connection would need to purchase the cable that supports it. Back then the price was $49 so you’ll be glad to know that the 2.0 m Thunderbolt cable has been given a price cut.

Apple has also released a shorter version of the Thunderbolt cable, this one is just 0.5 m (20 inches) in size and will cost $29, which for some is still on the expensive side – but we don’t expect anything less from Apple. Having said that as with all new products you have to pay a premium until it becomes the standard and this $10 price cut is certainly a step in the right direction.

While the Thunderbolt cable has seen a price reduction we’d love to see Apple reduce the price of Thunderbolt hard drives that they have on their store, as this high price has been putting me off purchasing one for some time now. However, when you consider how much some people will benefit from the faster data transfer speeds, many will believe that it’s a cost they are willing to pay for.

Why has Apple reduced the price of the longer Thunderbolt cable? The obvious reason would have to be because USB 3.0 is getting faster and will be more widely used, along with the fact that the devices you can connect them to are going to be cheaper as well, such as storage devices.



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