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MacBook Air EFI firmware update 2.6, no problems so far

If you are running an Apple MacBook Air that is a mid 2012 model onwards, then it is recommended you install the latest EFI firmware update 2.6, which went live within the last 24 hours and will fix a number of problems users have been experiencing. It is important to note that your EFI ROM will reach version MBA51.00EF.B02 after installing the new firmware.

Problems fixed with MacBook Air EFI firmware update 2.6 – you might notice a color issue has been resolved with HDMI displays that are connected to the mid-2012 MacBook Air. This update fixes a problem that occurred after unplugging a Thunderbolt device, which in some circumstances caused the system to freeze after it wakes up from standby. Some users experienced a similar issue with the 2011 iMac after it first released, although this freezing problem has already been fixed.

This is the only issue reported by Apple with the v2.6 EFI firmware update, so if you’ve experienced any others with the mid-2012 MacBook Air, then feel free to share them in the comments.

It is worth pointing out that you must make sure your MacBooks power cord is plugged in when updating the firmware, and then after your computer restarts you will notice a gray screen. The update progress will be shown in the status bar as with all EFI firmware updates.

How did the MacBook Air EFI 2.6 firmware update install for you? Our installation went problem free, although if you experienced any problems please leave a comment with the details.



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