Griffin Powerdock 5 charger for iPhone, iPad, and iPod

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 8, 2013

Griffin introduced a few new products at CES for 2013, and one of these had been the new Powerdock 5 charger for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Griffin states that not only can the Powerdock 5 charge a combination of Apple products, but you can also fit 5 iPads on the one dock as well. This is great for an Apple home with multiple gadgets, which the image below features both the 10-inch iPad 4 and smaller iPad mini. You can also see a couple of iPads and an iPhone.

Some people might wonder why you would need to charge so many Apple products at once, although we’d like to point out that even we know a number of homes that have 3 iPhones at least. Then you can add to that the collection of iPads, or iPods, then you can easily fill the Griffin Powerdock 5 with Apple devices.

The Griffin Powerdock 5 compatibility can be seen on the official product page here, which includes a vast range of Apple devices. You’ll find support for all iPads, from the iPhone 3G upwards, the 2nd-gen iPod touch onwards, and also other iPods like the 2007 iPod classic. See the full list of supported devices via the above link.


You only need around the space of an iPad for the Griffin Powerdock 5 charger to fit on your desk. The main features include an illuminated power status light, ability to accommodate iPad tablets in their cases, and 10 watts per charging bay. Griffin’s Powerdock 5 will see a release date at some point in Spring, and has a price of $99.99.

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  • Jeagan1999

    I’m with you, Charles. My wife and I each have iPods for running, I’ve got an iPhone 5 and an iPad for work and I’ve kept my old original iPhone so I can listen to Sirius Radio in my home office attached to my stereo system. This charger could charge all 5 at the same time…and save some space too. Can’t wait to get this.

  • Charles

    This will work for my family as we all have a combined total of 6 Apple devices!!!

  • Todd

    I’m sorry but if you have 5 Apples devices to fit all the slots pictured above you have more money than sense and need to google compulsive disorder. You probably also stand outside the Apple store days before a new product is releases, just to have the first one!