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Vizio 11.6-inch tablet spec limitations affects performance

Along with TVs, tablets will also have a big showing during CES 2013, it’s amazing at just how much choice there now is and it will only get bigger this year. Going back a few years Apple had the monopoly on the tablet market, but Android has had to play catch-up pretty quick, and are doing a fine job in taking the battle to the iPad. However, Microsoft wants a piece of this pie as well and so have made an effort to push a selection of Windows 8 tablets, with the latest being the Vizio 11.6-inch tablet.

On paper the Vizio 11.6-inch Windows 8 tablet specs seems pretty decent, but there are a few limitations, which could affect its performance. Firstly there’s the 64GB SSD and the 2GB of RAM. Now while this seems pretty impressive for a tablet, you have to consider that this tablet can run full Windows 8, which means that it will be able to run full desktop applications.

With this is mind surely it would have been more beneficial for Vizio to double up key features, so a 128GB SSD and at least 4GB of RAM instead? However, many of you will disagree with this assumption and believe that we have a pretty standard tablet, and if they get the price right then Vizio could have a very competitive 11.6-inch tablet on their hands.

What will make this tablet stand out is that it is one of the first to run Windows 8 while being powered by the 1GHz dual-core AMD Z60 chip processor. However, what stands out for us the most with this low-powered laptop is a Full HD 1080p display, although those limitations mentioned above will certainly put a few people off, even if they were interested in that 1080p screen.

More details and the Vizio 11.6-inch tablet price will be revealed during CES 2013, so let’s hope that the price is pretty competitive for the device to stand a chance in a very aggressive market.



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