Samsung need to get the Galaxy Note 3 spot-on

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 7, 2013

This is going to be an interesting year as far as bigger smartphones and tablets go, which will see tablets become even more popular and more people understand the benefits of phablets. When your money is a little stretched or you hate carrying a tablet and smartphone around, then a phablet like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has really proven to be the perfect alternative last year. The demand for this device by wireless carriers had been a lot more after they saw the success of the first generation phablet, so it hadn’t been a surprise to see all the major carriers wanting the Note 2.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to enter a more competitive market – 2013 is being named The Year of the Phablet, and we’re going to see a lot of brands enter the bigger smartphone business this year. Some of these will be revealed at CES 2013, and others at a number of events planned for this year. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is also expected to have a release date at some point this year, but when this device arrives it will meet a lot more competition than in 2012.

Samsung need to get the Galaxy Note 3 spot-on – you might have noticed our article last week about the Note 2 and the need for a 32GB and 64GB option, which at the time of writing has only appeared in South Korea. We’ve heard from a number of our readers in the UK and US about the 16GB offering currently available. This is not enough for a lot of them and the lack of support in Android Jelly Bean for running apps from an SD card doesn’t help matters.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 needs to arrive with much bigger storage sizes and also meet other requests asked for by the fans. If the wish lists are viable then Samsung needs to include what the users want, and not sit back and think what they did with the Note 2 had been enough. Samsung’s Note 3 sales were impressive, but they also lost a lot of sales thanks to offering only a 16GB model.

One of PR’s readers stated, “Been waiting on the 64. Will not buy a 16“, and another joined in with “I can’t believe after waiting all this time still no sign of 32/64Gb its a shame for Samsung. No way I will buy 16Gb Note I’ll rather wait for next updated model“.

Another reader added “That is the ONLY reason I didn’t end up buying a Note2. If Samsung won’t give people what they want, I will wait for another manufacturer who will“.

What do you want to see included with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Are there certain specs and features that need to be included, and if they’re not then will you consider the phablet competition? It is worth pointing out that some rumors are appearing this month about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen size, which certain suppliers claim could be 6.3-inches. This is up from 5.5-inches on the second generation, although it’s good to remember this is only a rumor at this stage.

Early competition for the Galaxy Note 3 includes ZTE’s 5-inch Grand S and also the Huawei Ascend Mate with a massive 6.1-inch screen.

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  • Twarn

    while 16gb is enough for me I cant see why most companys nowadays dont offer all 3.

  • rahul

    Everything is fine accept 6.3″
    Make it 5.5″ it is going to challenge world
    Never make 6.3″ please please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Schnuh330

    IMO the note is still too small, I wish a US carrier would nut up and give us a 10.1″ tablet that can make calls and do everything a smaller phone can. You may say 10.1″ tab is too big to hold to make a call with. 2 words, bluetooth headset. I’m sick of greedy companies expecting me to purchase, carry, and pay more per month for 2 devices, when one can and should be allowed to be able to do the job of both.

  • Tom gowles

    Is it me or every time Corning do a test on the pressure of the glass it doesn’t break but when I have my phone on my lap and it falls while I’m getting out of the car, the screen shatters when dropped..explain that please

  • kw

    If Yall can’t handle a bigger phone you might want to buy you a man purse or a fanny pack..lmbo…no one said you had to buy it anyway.

  • kw

    Bigger is better..

  • kw

    Just bring on the note 3 I’m ready to buy it..not just one im going to buy 2..I’m not going to cry cause its to big I’m going to make my pocket bigger lol..

  • Aus_Roh

    I wish Samsung would just put more memory slots in. Cheap. Problem solved. Maybe Android doesn’t support more than one slot?

    This article was mostly about needing more memory (I agree) to beat the competition, as given by two examples. Without checking, I think those examples have small memory, and no memory slot at all.

  • i would not mind a 4G LTE Snapdragon 800 quad-core 2.3GHz per core GALAXY NOTE 3 , But Keep the 5.5 inch , as i have the Note 2 and the size is perfect don’t change it .. one other thing is i think they should remove the touch buttons on the bottom of the screen , as you cant use them with the s pen and they seem to get in the way allot and are very easy pressed by accented …

    • with high MP cam – 1080p – 4k screen res and recording ..

  • What I look forward is a CABLE READY ,PROJECTOR ENABLED FUTURE PHABLET Connect a wireless cable to a phablet and project the programmes on to a big wall and enjoy contents on BIG SCREEN, This feature is not far the way technology is heading now.

  • TT Boy

    I wish people would quit crying about a 6.3 inch phone, same people cried when samsung came out with the note, MILLIONS of people loved it and more would have sold had it not been an ATT exclusive. Now the note 2 has done even better. I cant wait for the note3, you babies want something to put in your pocket? grow a pair.

    • Arthur Spooner

      Yes people, grow a pair because you’d rather conveniently slip your phone into your pocket rather than hold it in your hand all day.

  • Nevada Rat

    If they are going to hobble the Note 3 with limited memory like they’ve done with the Note 2, why should anyone be interested? Whats the point of a very powerful “do it all” pocket computer device with a tiny and fixed amount of program memory?

    • nitroreefclub

      Yeah I have been putting off upgrading my phone waiting for the Note 2 to get at least 32GB if not the preferred 64gb have considered trying to buy an unlocked version and shipping it in. I need a new phone and want the Note 2 but may have to look at whatever comes out from competition with a large screen and the ability of the note 3

  • A 6.3 inch phablet is still acceptable in my view but I would rather prefer a 5.5 inch one with much more pixels packed and a much more powerful front and back camera . In other words whatever Samsung planning to put on its 6.3 inch note, I would like to see on the 5.5 inch note. Also if the note comes with a projector capability, that would be great. More computing power, more pixels and more storage possibilities and powerful front and back camera on 5.5 inch note is preferable than a 6.3 inch note.

    • ttboy

      I cant wait until the Note 4 comes out with a 7 inch screen! GO SAMSUNG

  • Harvey Paul

    I think they need to Bring out 128 GB removable storage with 3 GB of Ram and 2.5GHz Processor. Full HD and Limepie and 13 MP main Camera

    • Charles Wilson

      Rederic, Rederic!

    • juan

      we are know where near a 2.5 ghz processer thats the speed of a i53210m i can see a2.0ghz but there a slim chance of that will happen …the 1.6 is fine all it needs is 2gigs of ram and a higher rez screen to compete with the retina display and a 10mp camera with dual flash and a 5mp on the front and a better battery oh and beats audio with to speakers and liquid metal housing

  • Darin Cline

    What *I* want from the Note 3 is for it to continue to be pocketable. My Note 1 is pushing that limit already, so the rumors of a 6.3″ screen concern me. I’m all for increasing screen size via reducing bezel, but the exterior dimensions need to stay where they are for it to remain a pocketable device.

    • TTBOY

      who puts phones in their pockets to get scratched up or sat on??? Quit your crying mamby pamby.

      • dont be a jerk, what do you do put your phone in your bum bag .. ><

      • Celestop

        if you did any research whatsoever you’d see that it’s packed with Gorilla glass 3! It’s scratch and break proof noob. Guess you look like the fool Mamby Pamby!

        • Phablet

          Yeah break proof tell that to the dozen or so ppl I work with who have busted their gorilla glass screens in their pockets. Everything is breakable just depends on how and where you use it.
          Why don’t you just buy a manpurse or a holster/belt clip for your phone. You must have huge pockets to fit a note into them.

    • Kimpo

      Maybe they will use the folded screen;)