Black Ops 2 Die Rise Zombies easter egg teased

By Alan Ng - Jan 7, 2013

Earlier on we gave you an update on the status of Revolution, rumored and now very likely to be the first DLC content for Black Ops 2. Along with four multiplayer maps, the pack will also include a new zombies adventure for gamers to play, with the map seemingly confirmed as Die Rise. Although the pack has been rumored for a release on January 29, we have already heard some very revealing details on Die Rise, including some early hints on the new Easter Egg that players will inevitably have to solve when playing.

If you head back to our previous article, we informed you about how one player has allegedly managed to get hold of Revolution three weeks before anyone else, due to some unknown hacking techniques that haven’t been disclosed yet. Regardless of whether that is true or not, the person in question has wasted no time in publishing his experiences with Die Rise so far, and it looks like we were correct with our first assumption that it will be directly linked to the classic Der Riese zombies map from Call of Duty: World at War.

As you can imagine, the following information could be deemed as spoilers, so if you don’t want to read information on the next potential zombie map for Black Ops 2, we suggest you look away now. With that said and assuming all of the information is true, Die Rise will take place in Breslau Germany and will feature four main areas as part of the Tranzit format first seen on Green Run.

T.E.D.D the robot driver will make his return in the game, but this time he’ll be wearing a farmer’s outfit and will instead drive a wagon as opposed to a bus from the last map. Players will be able to travel between the four areas using the wagon, with the areas reportedly identified as City, Village, Nuclear Plant and Railroad Station.

Now, to move on to the really juicy bit, we’re hearing that players may have to revisit Der Riese, the classic map from World at War to complete a new achievement that comes with the Revolution Map Pack. The achievement is rumored to be called ‘Where it all started’, and the description requires players to ‘discover the giant’. If you read your zombies history, you should know that The Giant in German translates to ‘Der Riese’, so it’s fairly logical to assume that a big part of the Die Rise Easter Egg will involve trying to head back to the old map – it all sounds very exciting to us.

Don’t forget that Treyarch put Nacht Der Untoten in Green Run – the very first zombies map, so it looks like they are following some kind of pattern here. Don’t forget that this is all rumored information for now, but it sounds pretty promising at first glance. You can read a full summary of the leaked information via this Google cache here – take a look and let us know your theories on Die Rise.

Are you wondering how some players have access to this already?where are Treyarch’s security measures?

Note: Take a quick peek at the image above. It’s quite amusing that Treyarch put Nazi swastikas in their Der Riese zombies map on World at War, but are now banning users for using the same logo as custom emblems in Black Ops 2 multiplayer – just thought we’d point that out to you.

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  • Hanson Phot

    What if it has a wonder wepon?

  • HYLIA1001

    You never know. Nacht Der Toten was NOT set in the United States in WaW/BO. Then how come it appeared in Green Run, which was set in Nevada, I think?

  • Mcdooby.

    It takes place in china, nowhere near Breslau. Check amazon. And the seastikas in gameplay were historically accurate depictions of Germany at that time. They weren’t wearing them as if to say “yeah I’m a nazi” which is what these emblems are.

  • superforsyth

    The difference between Treyarch using Swastikas in their game is that their game was SET in Nazi germany… people’s emblems reflect who they are and their mindset, and the swastika is associated with hate and racism, so Treyarch isn’t violating any code by enforcing this…

  • jak

    I am hoping this is a old photo, or esle I sarah is back

  • Greyson

    Notice it’s der rEIse not der rIEse in the world at war map. Idiot.

  • Greyson

    Hey idiot who wrote this. The World At War level is called Der Reise…which in German means the journey. This map is called Die Rise which means the rise. And for all the other idiots, it’s not pronounced Die Rise as in Dye Rise, its pronounced Die Rise as in the letter ‘D’ Rise. This comes out the 29th not the 28th. Get your facts straight.

  • This information in incorrect, “Der Riese” takes place in Breslau, Germany, “Die Rise” will take place in China. There is no way the two could ever correlate.

    • Really? Impossible?. With teleporters? Impossible?

    • Fjcgnm12

      Actually if you pook at the leaked video of the die rise loading screen, the location says Breslau Germany

      • thats most likely fake and amazon uk has info on the map location

    • Trevor

      It’s takes place NEAR Breslau not in breslau