iPhone 5 mini may follow iPad success

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 5, 2013

It seems that an iPhone 5 mini might be a perfect follow-up to the iPad mini, which saw a release at the end of last year, and allowed for a lot more adults and children to own a smaller iPad thanks to a cheaper price. The starting price for the iPad mini is over 30% cheaper than the 10-inch model, and the size is only two inches smaller thanks to some design improvements including a smaller bezel.

This week we’ve heard increased chatter about an iPhone 5 mini, although there’s no evidence to prove the smaller iPhone is finally coming, but instead we’re hearing a number of insiders making claims once again. Over the coming weeks and months we’ll see leaked parts if an iPhone 5 mini will finally release, which is what we saw with the iPad mini months before release.

Apple taking on Android with an iPhone mini – there is no doubt that a smaller iPhone will be directed at making the Apple phone more affordable to millions of people, but as we saw with the iPad mini, you shouldn’t expect the price point to be low enough to meet much cheaper Android phones.

The refreshed design will be key to success and we’d love to see Apple innovate with an iPhone 5 mini, which a few ideas can be seen in the mockup in the image above. This is an older image but gives you an idea of what could be done. If Apple removed the bezel, or at the very least made it really tiny, then the screen size could be almost the same as the iPhone 4S/4, but with a much smaller form factor.

What would you like to see with an iPhone 5 mini? When it comes to price and design, how should Apple make this rumored phone? We’d also love to hear if you truly believe that Apple would meet your expectations. We touched on Apple stepping away from Steve Jobs beliefs a few days ago, especially when it comes to a smaller iPad and different sized iPhones. The big difference comes with the success of an iPad mini, which could make the iPhone 5 mini a more favorable idea now.

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  • xbox360

    if u want a iphone mini, buy a 4s or 4 same size screen..

  • [anonymous]

    First of all, I don’t see how a smaller phone would attract Android customers. Also, how would Apple make an iPhone that much smaller without changing the display size. It would be like Apple removing almost the whole border of the large iPad. It just can’t be done (and if it was done, there is no point in even making the iPad models with a border).

  • steve

    At this moment, I don’t see how iPhone mini could be a beautiful thing as current iPhone 5 is already quite average in size.

  • taylorlauder

    this article is like a can opened with whooped lies.

  • Thorne88

    Why would you create a larger phone then go back to a smaller one? It would only make sense to keep the same display size but shorter/slim down the rest.

    • Scutter

      I agree. I think the only way you might get away with a smaller display, is to make it affordable to most people, like less than £200, and I can’t see Apple doing cheap. So the best way has to be iphone 5 slimmed and trimmed.

      • Scutter

        If rumours on cnet are true, then iphone 5 mini will be aimed at those who can’t afford to pay out big money for a new iphone 5. But it might not be released until 2014?