Sony PS4 killing off used games has repercussions

By Alan Ng - Jan 4, 2013

We have some potentially worrying news to bring you now in the so called build up to the release of next-generation gaming consoles in 2013. We have previously heard whispers on how the likes of the next Xbox and Sony PS4 will not play used games, but now it looks like Sony has taken the bold step to potentially make this a reality for their next console. A new and recent patent filing has been discovered from Sony and it reveals plans for a console with the ability to block the use of used games on a system, with game discs being universally tied to a individual’s user account instead.

The patent has now been published and it could see a future where the Sony PS4 will not be able to play used games, a reality which many consumers will obviously not be very happy about. Sony hasn’t actually referenced the PS4 or any PlayStation product in the patent, but it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the most likely scenario as well as the timing of the patent, is that it specifically relates to the PS4.

You can read the detailed document for yourself here, courtesy of the discovery made over at Neogaf where the discussion is ongoing. The patent as you can imagine can be difficult to decipher in simpler terms, but it essentially reveals that NFC tagging may be put in place on all game discs, so that the system can log data on whether a respective disc has been used on a different console or not.

If Sony really are planning to press on with this plan on the PS4, then we imagine that game discs will also be locked to a user’s accounts, similar in the way which is now adopted on the PS Vita, where PSN accounts are locked to memory cards – unlike the PSP which was much more open and accessible to users.

Sony mentions in their patent that the new technology will provide a suitable replacement for the Online Pass system which shook the industry and its consumers last year. Will they really be able to convince bargain hunters though that this move will ultimately be for the good of the PS4? Used games sales are still a massive business – take that away and Sony may not be able to deal with the vicious backlash that could come their way if this is confirmed.

What are your initial thoughts on this move? The patent is there in black and white, so it could be a question of not if, but when.

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  • William

    This is the moist stupidest idea Sony idea they could come up with. Come On Sony and use you brain for once. The developers have already got their money they first time. The second time, the money should go to store employees or whoever sells the game.

  • ragnarok

    That just ruined my day

  • There goes renting games, i know for a fact i will not get a ps4. that’s so dumb, Some people Including my self Likes to rent games, then buy them. I mean more power to em for doing that. But Ill stick with xbox least there creators have a brain. And if xbox does that, then im done with console gaming and go back to the pc.

    • Xbox was always better then play station My opinion And that other guy is right Sony stick to making TV’s. If xbox was smart they wouldn’t follow Play station’s lead because all those PlayStation users will go to xbox more sales for xbox 🙂

      • DGB23

        Be. Xbox is pos in comparison. I will never own one. That said, PS is on its way out if they go down this road.

      • William

        Both Xbox360 and PS3 have their own advantages and disadvantages.

  • arkadym

    I’ve posted three times, one bs post gets through. Xbox d riders. product reviews is an Xbox biased site. all consoles will do this eventually. can’t wait to hear the whining then.

  • arkadym

    Give Sony a break, they are only being the first to do something that all consoles are eventually gonna do. none of them want you to go to a friend’s house and bring your copy of a game with you. what Xbox and Sony want is for us to sit in our homes playing online together with copies both paid for, eating Doritos to getting 4x experience points. difference being ps3 at least doesn’t make you pay extra for online. truth is, disk based games are not going to exist forever, its way cheaper to sell code online then to waste money on making 500k+ disks that might not sell. besides used game sales hurt devs cause they make no money from used sales. look at how many studios don’t exist anymore or were swallowed by larger companies. in short, ask yourself this… will I complain this much about Xbox when they do it? Prolly not, most will accept it like they do paying for their live accounts. let’s hope that maybe in the age of social networks Sony & Microsoft figure a way to be able to sign your username into your friends console so they can play too. otherwise get over it, capitalism is the name of this game folks. funny though how this happens to leek so close to the unveilings of the new systems, hmmm.

    • William

      Devs should NOT be getting paid again from used games.
      People with yard sales don’t send money from sales to their product companies.

    • William

      Besides you’re screwed if you don’t like the game after all, or have finished the game. At least with the disc, it can go to someone else, whereas a sorry game download, you’re screwed.

  • NYTony

    It’s simple. I won’t be buying one.

  • hopefully gamestop will refuse to carry the ps4. that would teach sony a lesson.

  • Luke R

    Next Gen Xbox is looking prettier and prettier

    • matonking

      it’ll happen on xbox too you know.

      • Luke R

        I suppose it could, could being the important word for both consoles I guess.

      • arkadym

        Thank god someone has a brain instead of hearing from Xbox sheep all day. If under their line of thinking then they should throw away their consoles as soon as they realize they were paying extra for their internet usage. Both will do it because both make more money that way.

  • Clap

    Simple, I would never buy another Sony product, ever!

  • can’t lend games and swap with friends and family………..what a joke. AVOID AT ALL COSTS! sony stick to making TV’s you cant manage nothing else,leave the gaming to Microsoft you lost the plot since ps2!

  • mr x box

    This is dumb

  • gt CGI NPC

    this is stupid that means places like game stop wont b aroung for to much longer

    • NYTony

      Yes they will. I won’t buy a POS system that doesn’t allow used games. It wold mean you can NEVER lend/swap games with friends and family, rent games from Gamefly, Family Video, Redbox, purchase used games on ebay, Gamestop, Estarland, whatever. FORGET IT. I will only buy a console that allows for used games. Most gamers, and people that know better, will never buy a system like this where games will run $50 or $60 and will never be able to share/swap/rent/ or buy used.

      • arkadym

        So I guess you will be bored when Xbox does it too.