Samsung Galaxy Note 2 demanded in 32GB / 64GB

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 4, 2013

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is loved by the majority of owners and this phablet has proven to be the most successful to date, although it is not without problems. Even after all the love that is shared when people talk about the Galaxy Note 2, there are a few issues that need fixing either with software improvements, new storage models, or when Samsung launch the Galaxy Note 3 this year. Hearing about the possibility of new Galaxy Note 2 colors a few days ago only made some people dream about other changes, which included bigger storage sizes for a better user experience.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 apps on an SD card – this is a problem we touched on a couple of months ago, and we highlighted a few issues our readers had when they wanted to use a 64GB SD card and apps. The Galaxy Note 2 comes with 16GB of memory in the UK/US, although this is even less after actual formatting, but some people felt that the microSD card would solve any issues considering it supports up to 64GB of storage expansion.

The reality is that you can use this extra storage for a number of things, but not to move apps to the SD card and run them from there. You can read about the SD card desires in more detail here, which includes PR readers pointing out this is a limitation of Jelly Bean and the real answer would come with bigger storage models of the Galaxy Note 2.

There had been an app called “Apps2SD” that helped people with putting apps on SD cards, although a few users point out that this software is “no longer native to Android“, which is due to running “MTP instead of UMS“.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 demanded in 32GB and 64GBthis forum started a few weeks ago on Verizon’s website, and has recent posts from just a few days ago as well. The messages here and those that we’ve received clearly show a demand for the Galaxy Note 2 in 32GB, 64GB, or bigger memory sizes.

Samsung’s advertising has pointed to 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB versions of the Galaxy Note 2. The problem is they’ve not become available in the United States, and it now seems that Samsung are focusing on the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4.

Some people have been holding out from purchasing the Galaxy Note 2 in the hope of a bigger storage size. At the time of writing we’ve only heard about 32GB and 64GB models being sold in South Korea.

Do you expect Samsung to sell a 32GB/64GB Galaxy Note 2 in the US, or will this bigger storage size arrive with the Galaxy Note 3? In our opinion it seems a little late now, and a better solution for existing owners would be gained from Android solutions for running apps on SD cards. If you’re planning on upgrading to the Galaxy Note 3, then you can almost definitely count on much bigger storage sizes and less problems next generation.

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  • Bob

    I can’t believe after waiting all this time still no sign of 32/64Gb its a shame for Samsung. No way I will buy 16Gb Note I’ll rather wait for next updated model.

  • BigHank

    Why can I not order an unlocked phone directly from samsung? I want 64G

  • duff60901

    Been waiting on the 64. Will not buy a 16. I really wish they would atop letting Verizon lock them and deface the front with their hideous logo. If I have to spend $700+ for a device KEEP YOUR LOGO OFF MY PHONE.

    • Dirondi Johnson

      nexus devices are the answer to your problem

      • dcsouthgw

        No Nexus devices will never be the answer because they never have SD storage and they go cheapskate on the internal storage to save money.

  • Michelle

    That is the ONLY reason I didn’t end up buying a Note2. If Samsung won’t give people what they want, I will wait for another manufacturer who will.

  • Still waiting for 64gb. I think it’s out in S Korea so why not here? Don’t they want to sell anymore note 2’s ? I think the only phone that has 64gb as internal memory is iphone.

    • tom

      Samsung are probobly scared theyll get sued if they use 64gb internal memory as the iphone has it. Im not expecting any major advancements in any devices whilst Apple is still on the scene, they’ve completely killed the industry with their suing spree. Samsung where moving ahead but they are going to know have to cut back on innovation to pay Apple. And theyll spend the money on an Ipad mini nano or some crap that the world doesnt need.

    • Aus_Roh

      64 Gb existed on release in S Korea, but apparently didn’t sell well, perhaps too expensive for Koreans. The 64 Gb memory did not perform flawlessly, and that is probably the real reason the model stopped being sold in Korea and was never released elsewhere. Since then Samsung have manufactured a new generation of 64 and 128 Gb chips. I assume these will be for the S4 and Note3. Here’s hoping.

  • mastermozi

    What is sd good for on the note and what interface utilities the sd?

  • 128gbUK

    I held out and stayed with the note 1 I’m not upgrading till the note 3 and a 64gb model or higher……. 16gb is rubbish for a hardcore device like this…. I have a 64gb s3 but the screen is too small…. Sort it out smsung a 128gb flagship model to buy direct and watch the sales rocket of the note 3

    • dcsouthgw

      I agree that the problem that manufactures up to this point have had to bow down the providers demands. Hopefully now that Samsung has reached the point of Apple and the iPhone with their galaxy s3 and note 2 they can circumvent the providers and offer best feature phones with the high capacity storage that we all want direct to consumer.