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Microsoft Surface Pro release date stretches launch month

It is no secret that the Microsoft Surface Pro release date will be this month at some point, and a launch date becomes more obvious as the days left in this month decrease. Today we have heard from one source that claims to have insider information, which apparently comes from a source that is close to Redmond campus.

If Softpedia are to be believed, then we should see Microsoft Surface Pro on sale for January 30. The launch will take place the day before and should see the Surface Pro price set from $899 for the 64GB model, although you can also pay just under $1,000 for the 128GB version.

It is worth noting that you’d need to pay extra if you want the Touch Cover on Microsoft’s Surface Pro, which will set you back another $119. The above date is yet to be confirmed, although if true it seems that Microsoft want to stretch the confirmed launch month out as much as possible.

Are you waiting to order the Microsoft Surface Pro? You can read about the apparent battery life in our earlier article, which is a lot less than the Surface RT version, but expected considering the difference in specs. In a nutshell you’ll get half the battery life on the Surface Pro.

You can see the difference in specs between the Microsoft Surface RT and Windows 8 Pro here.



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