Xbox 720 countdown tease, with production update

It almost seems a forgone conclusion that 2013 will be the year when we finally see next generation gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft. While news on the PS4 is still non-existant at the moment, it is Microsoft’s rumored Xbox 720 console that continues to sneak into the limelight. To kick off the new year, we are hearing new rumors this week that production has now been finalized and there is no danger of Microsoft skipping a release in 2013, with the new system still on schedule for a release right at the end of the year.

Detailed specs for the next Xbox are still very much unknown at this point, but we have had more than one mention of a possible processor going by the name of ‘Oban’, which will power the device. An article published this week by Semi Accurate indicates that the design of the device has now been sent off to manufacturers, with the system now progressing to the next step of some internal hardware necessities.

This doesn’t sound particularly exciting to us and the average Xbox fan, as the whole world is obviously waiting for the moment when we finally get a list of the next-gen features that Microsoft will hope to convince buyers, that their console is superior to Sony’s own next-gen effort and of course the Nintendo Wii U, which is expected to mature throughout the year.

With a release date seemingly pinpointed towards the end of 2013, the obvious question to ask is when Microsoft will choose to actually unveil the next Xbox. E3 2013 is a popular destination for the grand unveiling, although there has been whispers that Microsoft will opt to show the device in a separate event away from E3.

Either way, Microsoft’s Major Nelson has picked an interesting time to go live with a very early countdown to E3 2013 and speculation is mounting that the company has something very special to show off – ie, the next Xbox console. With E3 not due to start till June, why is Microsoft already advertising a countdown for the event? Countdowns usually imply that something good is coming and with the combined production update for the console, it looks like the Xbox 720 bandwagon is well and truly in motion.

What are your expectations of the Xbox 720? What do you need to see to buy one ahead of the Sony PS4?



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