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Nexus 7 dock availability expected soon

Whenever a new iPad is released it takes just a few weeks before we begin to see some decent accessories being released to support the tablet, so imagine how upset those with a Nexus 7 are, as they are still waiting for the dock to be released. However, we are hearing that the Nexus 7 dock availability is expected very soon, although we have yet to hear anything official from Google.

If we are to believe a recent listing then the dock for the 7-inch Asus Android tablet could be released on January 10th, but as yet we will need to take this news with a grain of salt. Let’s hope that this is the real deal because it has been months since the Nexus 7 was first released, and it’s about time that the first dock was made available, which is expected to sell for $40.

While this is not exactly the best accessory needed for the Nexus 7, the dock will certainly make like much easier for some owners of the tablet, but we would warn you not to get your hopes up just yet. We’d love to tell you that the dock will be available to purchase from January the 10th, but as yet Google are remaining quiet on the issue.

We’re sure that many Nexus 7 owners will be thinking that this is typical Google marketing and shows that they don’t have a clue when it comes to supporting their devices with decent accessories. However, some consumers will argue that Google wanted to make certain that the Nexus 7 will take off, but offering accessories 6 months down the line just seems a little silly. Google does make an habit of releasing accessories when a device is almost coming to the end of its life cycle, as we already know that there are rumors for a Nexus 7 successor, which could end up being a budget model. If this is the case then Google would need to offer things like a dock for the Nexus 7 2nd-gen from day 1 becasue its predecessor has already proved itself.



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