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iPad 5, mini 2 next-generation A7 processors rumored

Apple looks set to make several changes to their production process of their iOS devices this year, and one of those is who will be manufacturing the processors that power these devices. We all know the ongoing issues that Apple have with Samsung, which is why they are doing all they can to find another supply chain for their current A6X chip, and if successful then the lucky company could produce the next-generation A7 processors in the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 in the middle of 2013.

According to a recent report it’s looking more likely that Apple will end their long-term partnership with Samsung and is likely to settle for the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company to produce their A6X chip very soon, and if they are happy with TSMC’s results then this could pave the way for them to produce the A7 chip later this year.

We shouldn’t read too much into this because these rumors have done the rounds before, but the tension has never been so bad between Apple and Samsung, so if this rumored trial period with TSMC is the real deal then it could be a great opportunity for the Taiwan chip maker, but a huge blow for Samsung.

Let’s hope that if Apple is to shift production of the upcoming A7 chip for the iPad 5th-generation, iPad mini 2 and possibly the iPhone 5S, the quality of the chip is not affected just so Apple can move away from Samsung. It’s hard to know just how much truth there is in this latest rumor, because it has also been suggested that the iPad 5 release could be as soon as March, which would mean that it could still have a Samsung produced chip after all.



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